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Gamified training for top performance in the workplace
Maximum retention of knowledge among staff and customers
5 Games
in 8 Languages

People forget 50% of all newly acquired information within an hour. Within 24 hours they forget 70%, and within a week 90% of the information is forgotten. That's the hard reality...


Welcome to James.Games! We help you to beat the forgetting curve by making your training sessions attractive, exciting and unforgettable through games. You can play James.Games to break the ice or to reinforce training content and test all participants.


Once on the platform, your players play short casual games that can be mastered quickly. This places them into a relaxed flow state that allows them to concentrate fully on the question which appears after they played the game for a few moments. After answering the question correctly they earn points and badges, and then the game continues. 

This exciting learning experience last less than 5 minutes and the results are amazing!

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Maximum Training Efficiency

90% higher knowledge retention
15x content reinforcement
75% more tasks completed

Our training method allows players to record content more easily. The casual games attract and destress players whilst keeping them highly motivated throughout the training process.


James.Games is ideal for training sessions with regularly updated content or boring topics. Think of topics such as procedures, processes, regulations or security awareness. 

As a trainer you can compose your own training assignments or duplicate the ready-made ones. For tailor-made assignments, please contact us and ask for our editorial services.
Your assignments are automatically converted into exciting games that can be played as bite-sized learning snacks on any device. This way you can make every company training session extremely attractive right away! 

Do not hesitate and turn your training session into a unique experience! 

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James.Games enables training managers to deliver motivating and competitive games with points, levels, rewards, leaderboards and immediate feedback… in less than 15 minutes. It's a must-have toolkit for modern learning.

Create Your Next Training in 3 Simple Steps! 


Compile a list with players to invite for your training assignment.
Create or duplicate a training assignment to practice, test or repeat training content.
Share the URL - the minigames are automatically published for you. 




James.Games lets you choose your own favourite game from an ever-growing series of legendary minigames to complete your training assignments. You can practice training content in your own desired language. 


Play & Learn Any Content In 3 Simple Steps!

Click on the URL to connect to the training arena selection menu. 
Select the game you want to play and the training in your preferred language. 
Compete with colleagues for the highest score on the leader board.


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Unlimited Number of Training Games

James.Games allows you to create an unlimited number of games to train your staff in a fun and efficient way on any device. You can also use it to create event games to attract and survey customers.

James.Games offers unique advantages to start gamification in your business:

WITHOUT technical experience.
WITHOUT system modifications.
WITHOUT wasting time or money.

James.Games works with customers from all sectors.

We believe in the power of play to boost traditional training... One game at a time!

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