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Online Training Platforms for Business

Decades ago, learning was deemed complete once a student was through with campus studies. Companies sent their employees back to school to hone their skills. However, since the introduction of cloud technology, employees can access learning materials from their office desk through online training platforms.

According to Forbes, eLearning was valued at €155billion in 2015 and is expected to grow by 5% by 2023. Online training platforms provide employees with easy access to information. eLearning also provides a means to measure progress and sharing of data is made easy. Any online training platform for business is dynamic and can be accessed through any type of device.

Online training platforms provide businesses with a platform that ensures up-to-date training for their employees. Many offer customized platforms where a business can set up exclusive courses for its employees.

Some of the online training platforms include:


It is the most recognized online training platform. Udemy Offers over 65,000 courses and has a database of up to 15million students. It is completely free to use. However, the platform has to part with 50% of the fee a student pays for your course.

Using the business account unlocks several courses that your employees can learn to up their skills in specific areas. The online training platform also provides you with the learning pattern of the employee and user behavior. This information enables you to know which learning material work for a certain employee.



It is an online training platform that provides you with certification management, virtual classroom management, social learning and content management. It is an excellent option for businesses in tight regulatory environments. You can choose which course to assign to individual employees without much hassle.



It is an online training platform for employees - powered by games - that is easy to set up and run. The platform reduces training time to 80%. The platform also provides realtime insights about the strengths and weaknesses of an employee. This data can also help the employee take the necessary steps to address his or her weaknesses while enhancing his or her strengths.



Degreed is an entrepreneur LMS solution that enables your business to bundle-up courses and platforms in one place. This makes access by the employee easier and the employee can learn at will. The trainer can track learning progress of an employee making talent identification easier.


Benefits of using online training platforms

  • Offer constructive feedback

Any online training platform offers real-time feedback that motivates the employees to continue learning and improve their competency. The feedback given can facilitate self-reflection in the employees as it gives them an insight into the desired performance. 

  • Provide access to learning materials

The training material on an online training platform is accessible at any time. The employees can easily access relevant information when faced with a challenging situation at work. 

  • Facilitates longer retention of information

Handwritten notes or printed copies are easy to misplace leading to loss of vital information. On the other hand, information on online training platforms is not susceptible loss or damage. The employee can access it for as long as he wants. According to The Research Institute of America1, e-learning can facilitate retention of information by 60%. Why is this the case? Because employees dictate the pace at which they learn.

  • Adaptive to various learning styles

Not everyone learns at the same pace. Some employees are fast learners while others are slow learners. A number of employees also find it hard to learn in large groups. Online learning platforms address all these issues as employees can learn at their own pace and their desired environment.



Regardless of the online learning platform of your choice, it is no doubt that online platforms provide employees with the conducive learning environment and are cost-effective to the company as well.

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