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Ready-made training courses

We develop ready-made training courses in different languages to provide customers with the best service. They are duplicateable and fully editable. This service is included in your subscription at no extra cost. 

Click here for an overview.  All ready-made training courses are included as standard in your trainer dashboard under "all training courses". Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions! 


Tailor-made trainings

No time to make your own assignments and the desired one is not among the ready-made assignments ? Ask here for a quote for your own tailor-made training. 


We guarantee personal contact, a tailor-made approach and always the highest quality at the cheapest rates!


A few examples of our tailor-made training assignments:

  • getting to know corporate policies (in case of onboarding training)
  • fashion trends and retail management (at a fashion house)
  • safety regulations and measures (at construction companies and in factories)
  • food hygiene and safety obligations (at a biscuit factory)
  • sales training of medical representatives (a pharmaceutical company) 
  • getting to know the communicative house style (in marketing companies)
  • product locations and shop presentation (in a department store chain)
  • how to sell cars and deal with car buyers (at a car supermarket)
  • getting to know new releases and features (of software packages)
  • how to compose pizzas (for a pizza chain)
  • what recipes and ingredients are needed (for hotel and catering chains)
  • which insurance to sell (in a banking and insurance group)
  • the procedures of the cleaning staff (in hospitals)


List of Ready-made training courses:

These courses are available to subscribers free of charge! Others will be available soon.
Security Awareness
Equip your employees with the knowledge they need to keep cybercriminals at bay.
GDPR Compliance
This training course offers the vital knowledge and awareness to make companies and their staff become GDPR ready.
Sales Training
Help your sales reps gain the critical knowledge and skills they need to sell.
HIPAA Compliance
Test your employees' understanding of this standard for the protection of sensitive patient data.
HACCP Compliance
Test HACCP knowledge so that your employees can prevent potential dangers and no risks arise.
ISO 27001
Check if everyone understands this security standard as a way to protect your company's information.
Check if your users are resistant to online scams by false mails, websites or messages.
Onboarding Employees
Leverage playful learning during onboarding to ensure employees are set up for success from day one.
Restaurant Customer Service
Well-trained staff keeps customers satisfied. This course tests the basics of good customer service in the restaurant.
Call Center Training
This training is designed to motivate call center staff and train them in the customer service skills they need to succeed.
ISO 9001
Train your employees in the quality system requirements for continually achieving customer satisfaction.
SOX Compliance
Can your staff help to protect from accounting errors and fraudulent financial practices?
ISO 14001
Check if employees understand the company requirements of your environmental management system (EMS).
ISO 13485
What are the requirements for a quality management system for medical device design and manufacture?
ISO 22301
Are your employees prepared for disturbing events and do they know how to react so that work can continue?


WITHOUT technical experience.
WITHOUT system modifications.
WITHOUT wasting time or money.

James.Games works with customers from all sectors.

We believe in the power of play to boost traditional training... One game at a time!

How it works

Features included (all subscriptions):

  • Unlimited number of training games, player groups and questions
  • Gamify training sessions, live events and surveys
  • Integrate into websites or e-learning
  • Upload players with CSV file
  • Self-registration or domain registration option
  • Create your own training courses or duplicate existing ones
  • Branding with own company logo
  • Choose game background
  • Multiple choice and image questions
  • Instant feedback and additional URL
  • Full analysis and reporting
  • Casual games selection
  • Adjustable gaming playing time
  • Leaderboards on/off
  • Level rewards on/off
  • Different languages
  • Flexible payment options
  • Complies with GDPR

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