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Ways to Improve the Learner Engagement


Your training model is bound to be ineffective if it does not facilitate learner engagement. Constant engagement throughout the training period is vital to achieving the desired goals. Lack of engagement not only affects the effectiveness of the training but also negatively affects the knowledge acquisition and retention.

The more engaged an employee is the higher the motivation. Motivated employees register a high percentage of productivity in the workplace. So, how do you improve learner engagement?

Ways to improve the learner engagement


Communicate in multiple formats


To improve learner engagement you need to communicate with them through different but effective channels. For example, you can use chat rooms where employees can share experiences about the course. You can also include explanatory videos to guide trainees through the whole training process.


Provision of active learning opportunities


The learners should not just remain sited during the training, rather the training should make them get out of their sits. The training model should provide a hands-on learning experience. It should also maximize on their attention and focus to boost their brain functionality.


Make learning social


Learners should be in a position to share experiences and compare progress through different social media platforms. You can include links to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It is also wise to include a hashtag post to spice up the whole training experience. Doing so improves learner engagement since it builds a sense of community among the trainees.


Provide instant feedback


Instant and constant feedback helps the employees gauge their progress, identify their mistakes and make the necessary changes. Instant feedback also enables the trainees to get ready for the next course assignment. A trainee should not have to wait for long periods to get such vital information. This feedback is usually detailed and relevant to the task at hand hence its effectiveness in improving the learner engagement.




You can either build a game-based training platform or Gamify by the inclusion of badges and certification. How will this improve the learner engagement? The employee strives to progress through levels and earn points, earn a badge or a certificate. This even enhances the employee confidence as there is a sense of appreciation.


Why game-based learning improves the learner’s engagement

Game-based learning involves the use of games for learning purposes. It enhances the learner engagement through the provision of instant feedback. The learner is able to make mistakes and rectify at will and also track his or her progress.

Game-based learning uses the challenge and reward system. The learner has to complete a series of challenges to earn points or unlock a new level. This keeps the learner engaged and motivated to progress through the levels and attain the reward.

It also promotes social skills as employees can play against each other or play in teams. This means that the learners are in constant communication, sharing tips or comparing scores. Learning is also made social through the inclusion of online chat rooms where learners meet to discuss issues concerning the game.


Bottom line 

Learner engagement can be improved through the use of game-based learning. Using the game elements and mechanism makes training fun, engaging and motivating. If you want to keep your employees engaged and motivated, adapt game-based training.


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