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Gamification for Corporate Training


Gamification involves the application of game elements in a non-game environment. This is in a bid to create a more engaging and effective learning experience. It involves the use of a story line, challenges and rewards. To optimize fully on the benefits of gamification, companies have introduced the use of video games to improve the trainee engagement and foster motivation during training.

The use of a story line in gamification lets the learner become more engaged in the game improving knowledge acquisition and retention. The employee is also able to practice the concepts through playing of the game.


What are some of the elements used in gamification?

  • Challenges: they enable the employee to map the learning objective of the game.
  • Levels: they provide a learning path for the learner. Therefore the learner is always looking forward to go through the levels.
  • Instant and constant feedback: Used to aid progress. The learner is provided with information such as what to rectify and how to play the game.
  • Scores: Helps to impart a sense of accomplishment.
  • Leaderboards: Mainly used for assessments. Employees are able to track their progress.
  • Collaboration: Learners are able to combine efforts for an efficient learning process.

How do you make gamification effective?

Make it fun


Everybody prefers a fun-filled activity. The same applies in training. Training that incorporates games and other fun filled activities provide better results. If training is boring employees might finish it halfheartedly. Introducing a fun element will enhance engagement and motivate learners to take part in training and complete it.

Allow self-paced learning


Gamification should allow all types of learners to learn at their own rate. Provision of a self-paced learning model enhances motivation and facilitates the learner to take ownership of their learning.

Acknowledge employees who excel


Acknowledgement of employees make them realize you care about them and secondly they are motivated to do their best in the work place.

Benefits of gamification for corporate training 

Gamification presents both the employees and the company numerous benefits. They include:

Improves productivity


Gamification makes training engaging and fun. This motivates the employees to take part in the training. The more motivated an employee the productive he or she becomes.

Increases knowledge retention


Gamification of corporate training encourages self-efficacy and effortless acquisition and retention of knowledge. It is made possible by inclusion of levels that require use of concepts learnt in previous levels. It also raises the confidence to achieve set goals in employees.

Encourages creativity


When employees take part in gamified training their creativity and commitment improves. This is made possible through playing of challenging levels that requires critical thinking.


Gamification for corporate training is fast picking pace due to the enormous benefits it presents companies and employees. Incorporate it in your company’s training strategy and you are bound to reap enormous benefits.


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