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Benefits of Learning through Play

The inclusion of games in a training program is a critical role. Playing and learning at the same time provides the learner with an environment whereby the assimilation of information is seamless. Play helps in the brain functionality hence facilitating knowledge acquisition and retention.

Due to the inclusion of various sense at the same time, playing facilitates better coordination of visual, auditory and movement senses. 

What are the benefits of playing and learning at the same time?


High knowledge acquisition and retention 


Playing and learning at the same time leads to knowledge retention since the learner is constantly engaging with the course material. In addition to increased engagement, playing and learning improves retention through the production of dopamine which facilitates attention and focus.


Develops social skills 

Playing and learning foster the development of social skills since the learner is in constant contact with team members. It teaches the learner how to corporate with others, negotiate and share information with others.  Such skills help them retain old friends and make new ones at the workplace and in the outside world.

Development of cognitive skills and critical thinking 

It helps learners develop critical thinking skills enabling them to analyze a situation and make an informed decision. Better cognitive skills mean improved memory, control, and flexibility. Progressing through various levels plays a big role in the development of critical thinking and cognitive skills.

Creates confidence in the employee

Progressing through levels and winning awards creates a sense of confidence in an employee ability. He or she begins to believe in his or her ability.  This can be reflected in the workplace whereby an employee starts performing well on duties he or she could not do well.

Fosters effective communication 

Through playing and learning, an employee is developing listening and talking skills. The inclusion of teams enables improving communication skills since they are continuously sharing information and interacting during the game. Paying attention to game instructions promotes effective listening skills.


Inspires creativity 

It comes into play when an employee uses his critical thinking skills to create something new. Through playing and learning an employee is faced with situations that require him or her to do things differently. This enables the employee to make decisions in the workplace that are out of the ordinary. In most cases, they lead to the discovery of new ways to offer services for your products.


Playing and learning at the same time boosts the learning process since learning is made more fun and engaging. Everybody is attracted to activities that arouse pleasure which is made possible by playing.  

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