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Advantages of Using Rapid Authoring Tools

Your company needs a flexible training solution that is able to adapt to the ever-changing training needs. If you are looking for a cost-effective and time-saving solution, then rapid authoring tools are the right approach. Projects that used to take long can now be delivered within weeks or hours.

What is a rapid authoring tool? 

It is a training material development program that enables e-learning professionals to create cost-effective and efficient training courses. It enables learners to embed several multimedia elements such as illustration to make training much easier. A rapid authoring tool facilitates the quick and effortless creation of training materials since they require little or no knowledge of programming.


Types of rapid authoring tools

  • PowerPoint add-in: It is a plug-in that is added to the PowerPoint software. It is easy to use since it requires you to be conversant with the PowerPoint program.
  • Installed-based rapid authoring tool: it is a standalone software that can be installed in your computer. It has a host of features which you can tweak to address the course you are offering.
  • Cloud-based rapid authoring tool: this type of rapid authoring tool is hosted on the internet. It negates the need to install it on your computer. You can access it online at any time.

Advantages of using rapid authoring tools

Available to all


One of the main advantages of using a rapid authoring tool is that it is accessible to any online course developer. Learners can also access any online course at any time. The rapid authoring tool is used to create effective and engaging e-learning courses for the learners.


Increases learner engagement and participation


Stress-free and fast updates give you an edge to create relevant courses that the learners need. Furthermore, online courses are easy to digest and are presented in small chunks enabling engagement and fast absorption of the learning material.


Enhances performance


Rapid authoring tool helps the learners to keep track of their performance. They create a learning environment that helps the trainee access all the required course materials. Tracking performance is a critical feature that lets the learner make the necessary adjustments. This way performance is boosted and the trainee enjoys a better learning experience.


Accessibility through various platforms


With the rapid growth of smartphone use, it is no doubt that any service is required to be accessible through this platform. Rapid authoring tools facilitate learners to access their online courses through various devices such as a smartphone, laptop, and tablet. The best advantage of using the rapid authoring tool is that you can update it as per the latest learning trends.


Mitigates training cost


The use of a rapid authoring tool enables integration of other software through embedment. Therefore the need of purchasing any extra software is reduced. The tools enable the creation of short but engaging content which is easy to understand and recall.


Since delivery of online content is fast evolving, your organization needs to employ tactics that will keep you at per with the latest learning trends. Rapid authoring tool comes in handy as it lets you create learning content that is easy to grasp, easily updated and cost-effective. You should be in a position to customize the tool with regards to the learning requirements.


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