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Corporate Learning Games

Corporate training is a vital aspect of any business. Your employees need to understand the policies of your company and also actualize skills required for different tasks. In the past companies used eLearning methods to train employees, but not all employees were intrigued by this method. This lead to mixed results.

To abate this, companies have adopted corporate learning games that are more involving, motivating and exciting. Employees are more than ready to play the games. The amount of information they take away from the process is mind-blowing. In most cases, employees do not realize they are being trained when immersed in the game.

Corporate learning games benefits for employees:

Improve productivity 


Corporate learning games incorporate the goals and rewards system which motivates the employee. The motivated employees will eventually increase their productivity levels. The games use characters and rewards to keep the employee emotionally vested in the game. The overall design of the game is facilitates the employees to learning the required skills and apply them in their workplace. These games lead to more productivity and collaboration among employees in your company.


Present an employee with an opportunity to learn through failure


Imagine delegating a task to a new employee without proper training. It can lead to undesirable results such as poor customer handling, money loss, and an awful company image. Corporate learning games, with their virtual environment, present a new employee with an opportunity to make mistakes made in the real world, correct them and learn from them.


Minimize expenses

Corporate learning games are designed in a way that an employee can play several times using different tactics. The games can also be reused and distributed to different departments hence making them cost-effective.


Develop distinct skills


These games help to develop essential skills among employees such as communication skills, stress management, and negotiation skills.  They help the employee learn and improve on these skills continually.


Situated learning


Corporate learning games present the employee with a real-life job scenario. And since people tend to learn better when placed in environments that mimic real-life situations, the results are as desired; positive. Employees are able to learn skills such as how to make a sale. The games provide them with practical skills which they can use in their job.


How can you maximize results? 

Results are what drives a company to adopt corporate learning games as part of their training. To maximize the results you should:

  • Make it social
Allow your employees to compete with each other or play as a team which makes the game more engaging and motivating. Making it social also enhances teamwork which is a vital necessity in any company.

  • Link rewards to the business

Rewards should reflect what you want your employees to grasp. This way, the employees will remain motivated throughout the game.


Corporate learning games not only increase the productivity of your company but also foster a healthy working environment. You can use games such as EDUGame to train your employees to take learning to a higher level.


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